🥜 Mani Gallery 🥜

Mani Gallery is an online store that provides a curated buying experience from the comfort of your own home.

Who is Mani? Mani, a captivating pseudonymous digital artist and designer, navigates the creative realm across diverse industries, leaving an indelible mark. Operating behind the scenes, Mani delves into the depths of the internet, immersing in platforms like Awwwards, Architectural Digest, Twitter, and Nostr. Shrouded in mystery, Mani's elusive aura suggests a versatile talent, crafting a dynamic spectrum of designs and experiences.

Why Us? When the struggle of finding the ideal gift reached its peak, often resulting in underwhelming choices accompanied by steep price tags, the introduction of canvas art became a game-changer. It streamlined the process of selecting thoughtful presents for friends and family, injecting a touch of sophistication into the art of gift-giving.

Who designs the art? At Mani, we're a mix of individuals and a close-knit collective, surrounded by a bunch of creative friends. The art you see on our website? It's all a reflection of us, Mani, and our creations, inspired by our moods. We’re curators and creators utilizing a variety of disciplines.
What is the meaning ofMani Gallery”? Drawing inspiration from the Tagalog phrase “Mani” meaning “peanuts,” the store’s name is a playful nod to the concept of a “peanut gallery.”

Who is the Peanut Gallery? The term originates from a group of people who would attend live shows and provide humorous commentary from the back of the room. Where are your seats?

What’s next from us? We are at the initial phases of conceptualizing this idea, with intentions to integrate additional Bitcoin/Lightning payment features into our products. Our vision involves enhancing our website with increased interactivity, incorporating exciting elements to make it an engaging space. Our goal is to create an environment where visitors can experience a sense of youthful joy. Moreover, we aim to leverage our platform to showcase emerging technologies, as well as both up-and-coming and established talents, including artists, coders, and professionals. Through our unique perspective, we aspire to curate and present these elements. Stay tuned for more updates!